Amplifying voice for indigenous women and discriminated groups through innovative multimedia


- Many communities are indigenous due to geographical reasons. Different ethnic, social and complex political backgrounds make the situation even more complicated.
- The situation for women is particularly acute given that knowledge and information on gender and gender equality is still very weak.
- Having roots in historical and structural power relations between males and females, it is characterized by the use and abuse of power and control in public and private spheres and is linked to gender stereotypes that underlie and perpetuate such violence as well as other factors that can increase women’s and girls’ vulnerability to violence (UNICEF 2013).
- This cannot be separated from the wider contexts of discrimination and exclusion to which indigenous peoples as a whole are often exposed in social economic, cultural and political life. Challenges such as land dispossession, conflict, insecurity, displacement, low rates of birth registration, limited access to culturally appropriate education and health services, the lack of access to justice and other essential services, including social services.


- By using audio-visual and multimedia tools is the way to product documentary films which are a perfect platform to create dialogue

o Dialogue and web-documentary platform are newly approach to empower indigenous women experienced GBV by giving access for them to culturally appropriate education, health and justice service.
o Hearing and seeing these real experiences through the dedicated work of documentary filmmakers helps us put ourselves in the shoes of others, building bridges of empathy in a world that desperately needs our engagement and compassion.

Project Objective

Goal: To amplify voices for indigenous women with/without disability experienced with gender-based violence (IWDGBV) through innovative multimedia

- To promote changes in attitudes for IWDGBV that perpetuate the social acceptance of GBV.
- The concerns for IWDGBV have been raised through documentary film and dialogue platform.
- Multimedia coverage of concerns and evidence to influence the change through strengthening and expanding cooperation at national and international level

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