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Program of Screenings May 2009

Saturday, May 02 - 04:00 pm (1h32)

The Royal Ballet of Cambodia

Produced by H.R.H Princess Norodom Buppha Devi, then minister of Culture and Fine Arts, with the support from UNESCO, 92mins, English version with Khmer sub-tittles

Starting with the history of Khmer Classical Dance in the first part, this documentary finishes with the show of the Khmer myth called “Preak Sothun Neang Monohara”. In spite of the great destruction under the Khmer Rouge Regime, the Royal Ballet stays alive. Since the reign of Ang Duong, Khmer artists of the Royal Ballet become successful in preserving and developing this heritage.

Saturday, May 09 - 4:00 pm (56 mins)

Kampuchea Chroniques Rouge-Amer
Directed by Bruno Carette, 56mins, 2000, French version

This is the first journalistic work of Bruno Carette about the Khmer Rouge (before directing the “Khmer Rouge Amers” in 2007).From the struggle for independence of nations in Indochina till the advent of the Khmer Rouge, the director lightens the contemporary history of Cambodia.

Saturday, May 16 – 04:00 pm (1h44) with the director’s presence

International Indian Film Academy 2008
Directed by Christophe Gargiulo, aired on Apsara TV, 104mins, 2008, Khmer version

A true curiosity! The document is fed by interviews of film stars, especially the interview of Bachchan’s faminly …
After London, Sun City, Johannesburg, Singapore, Genting, Dubai and Amsterdam the 9th ceremony of International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) took place last year in Bangkok.

Saturday, May 23 - 04:00 pm (25mins) with the director’s presence and Mr. Teruo JINNAI (UNESCO)

Two Neighbors
Directed by Narith Roeun, produced by Bophana Center, 25mns, 2008, Khmer Version with English Subtitles, Adapted from a tale Khmer

Chan and Sok go trapping in the bush. One trap is put at the foot of a tree while the other at the top of the tree. In the morning, Sok is surprised to see a deer caught by a bird trap at the top of a tree. He files a complain against his friend…

Saturday, May 30 - 04:00 pm (1h35)

Bitter Khmer Rouge
Directed by Bruno Carette and Sien Meta, 95mins, 2007, French Version, Selected with FIGRA 2008 (International Festival of the Great Report of Topicality)

When will the Khmer rouges leaders, responsible for 2 million deaths under the Democratic Kampuchea regime (1975-1979), be brought to trial? Do the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC), have the will and ways to light up this Cambodian tragedy?