Our collections come from institutions, individuals and NGOs. For example, in 2012, Ms. Sokol Somrit donated the Bophana Center twelve 33-rpm vinyl records of 1960s Cambodian popular music. Australian Paul Cummings, who was the first foreigner to guide tourists in Cambodia in the 1980s, also donated nearly 500 photographs of that time. The French institution for communication and audiovisual production (French Ministry of Defense - ECPAD) also enabled us to show archives of the Protectorate times. We sometimes receive documentaries made by NGOs in Cambodia.

109 Films Sarl

Collection containing a film about the restoration of Angkor temples

Adhémard Leclère

Cambodian people photo series (1890). Portraits of children, women, men and monks in front of their house.

Adolf Scherl

Photo series documenting Phnom Penh’s architecture between 1968 and 1970. Photos of buildings, pagodas, Catholic churches, movie theaters, and the Central Market.

Agence Française de Développement (AFD)

Films about water issues in Cambodia and worldwide

Agnès De Féo

Films documenting the Chams communities

Allan Michaud

Cambodian wildlife documentaries

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Film documenting human resources development and environmental issues in Asia

The Association of Buddhists for the Environment

Film covering the activities of the Association of Buddhists for the Environment

Association Frères Lumière

The oldest movies featuring Cambodia (1899)

Audio Recording (public domain)

Songs and radio programs collected and preserved by Father Ponchaud during the Democratic Kampuchea period (1975-1979)

Benoît Dupuis

Cambodian Architecture photo series (2008). Photos of Bokor, Kep, Council for the Development of Cambodia (a colonial building built to accommodate the upper Resident in the early 1920s), markets, housing and drawings on the wall.

Bertrand Maffre

Amateur movies shot by Bertrand Maffre during his trip to Cambodia in 1960 and documenting a variety of subjects, such as: daily life, General de Gaulle’s visit, the Water Festival, the Festival of the Dead, and funerals

Blue Legacy International

Films featuring the Mekong River and dams’ construction

The Bophana Center’s Activities

Film covering the Bophana Center’s activities

The Bophana Center Archives

15 documentary and fiction films and music records produced by the Bophana Center

Bruno Carette

Documentaries by Bruno Carette featuring the former Khmer Rouge leaders, Asian dance and Father François Ponchaud (between 1997 and 2009)

Cambodian Living Arts (CLA)

Traditional music and songs of Cambodia

Centro italiano aiuti all’infanzia (CIAI)

Educational movies about newly-graduated students choosing their career path

Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC)

Archive film documenting the hearings in the trial of Duch, the former director of Khmer Rouge Security Prison S21

Chea Neang

Amateur movies documenting Khmer traditional clothes, traditions, and Buddhism

Christine Bouteiller

4 documentaries about children’s daily lives in the paddy field, contemporary art and refugee camps along the Thai border

Christophe Gargiulo

Cambodian wildlife documentaries

Cinema and Cultural Diffusion Department of Cambodia

Cambodia’s newsreel and the movies produced during the periods of Sangkum Reastr Niyum, Khmer Republic, Democratic Kampuchea, People’s Republic of Kampuchea and the State of Cambodia. Since 2000, the Cinema and Cultural Diffusion Department of Cambodia has also produced documentaries about the Khmer temples and traditional dances.

Community Forests International (CFI)

Documentaries featuring ethnic minorities in Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri as well as their issues, culture and daily life

Darren Swallow

Films documenting the activities of young Cambodians, including circus, rugby, and everyday life

Department of Media and Communication (DMC)

Documentaries by the students of the Department of Media and Communication of the Royal University of Phnom Penh. They question the Cambodian society, the working conditions, and memories.

Desbois Jean

Colonial architecture photos (scanned in books)

Didier Fassio

Film documenting the restoration of Baphuon temple

Documentary Fund

Documentaries by various filmmakers since the late 1960s, including movies by Ateliers Varan (1995), documentaries about the Khmer Rouge period, and documentaries about Cambodian artists

Ecole française d’Extrême Orient

Photo series by Jean Boulbet. Portraits of people taking refuge in Angkor temples during the war in 1970.

ECPAD (French institution for communication and audiovisual production)

Films featuring Cambodia between 1945 and 1953

Elizabeth Becker

Photo series documenting U.S. journalist Elizabeth Becker’s trip to Democratic Kampuchea in 1978

Emile Dupont

Black and white photo series (1959), documenting the Rolland Camp area, located in the district of Oraing in Mondulkiri province

Equal Access

3 radio programs on education and health care, including: Future is in your hand(Anakot Khuong Dai Neak), episodes 1-44; “Peaceful Boundary(Prum Sok San Dey), episodes 1-14; and “Happiness in Our Family”, episodes 1 to 15

Fiction Fund

7 contemporary short movies. Most of them were directed and produced by young Cambodians, sometimes supported by associations.

Fondation Charles de Gaulle

Photo series documenting Charles de Gaulle’s visit to Cambodia in 1966

Frédéric Bourdier

Photo series featuring the ethnic minorities in Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri provinces between 1994 and 2006


1960s photo series, documenting Cambodian traditions, the Festival of the Dead, the temples, and Phnom Penh

Gaumont Pathé Archives

Cambodia’s newsreel from the protectorate until 1993

Georges Gachot

Films documenting the life and work of Swiss Beat Richner, the founder and director of the Kantha Bopha Hospital

Georges Rousse

3 photographs shot by French artist and photographer Georges Rousse in an old colonial style house located at 32 boulevard Sothearos in Phnom Penh

Handicap International

Film produced by Handicap International about disabled landmine victims

Hervé Robillard

Filmed interview with Hervé Robillard and photographs taken by the artist during his residency in Phnom Penh

ILO – Better Factories Cambodia Program

Fiction series “At the Gates of the Factory”, episode 1-6


Cambodia’s newsreel between 1946 and the early 2000s (covering the periods of the Protectorate, Sangkum Reastr Niyum, Khmer Republic, Democratic Kampuchea, People’s Republic of Kampuchea, State of Cambodia and the Kingdom of Cambodia).

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Corporate movies about the ICRC’s humanitarian action and Cambodian refugees following the Khmer Rouge period

Isabelle Abric

Movie “Fear and Hope in Cambodia”, documenting the 1991 Paris Peace Agreements

James G. Gerrand

Documentaries about King Norodom Sihanouk and politics in contemporary Cambodia

Jean-François Périgois

Photo series featuring Cambodians’ daily lives in the provinces in 2006 and colonial architecture

Jean-Marie Barbe

Documentary “Uncle Rithy“, featuring Rithy Pahn during the shooting of the movie “A Dam Against the Pacificin 2008

Jim Mizerski

Photo series featuring former U.S. President Bill Clinton visiting HIV-positive orphans in Phnom Penh in 2006; and a movie about the Water Festival in 2010

John Pilger

Films covering Cambodia after the collapse of the Khmer Rouge (1979-1993)

John Vink

Photo series on Cambodian society (from 1989 onwards)

Journal International

Archive movies documenting key events worldwide (1919-1973)

Kathleen O’Keefe

Photographs of Cambodian leaders and people during the Khmer Rouge regime

Khmer Arts Academy

Movies documenting traditional dance performed by the dancers of the Khmer Arts Academy

Khmer Dance Project

Interviews with former dancers of the Royal Ballet of Cambodia and movies featuring traditional dance performances

Khmer Mekong Films

26 films covering the trial of Duch, the former director of Khmer Rouge Security Center S21

Kon Khmer Koun Khmer

Short movies directedbymembers of the KonKhmerKounKhmer Association

Korng Pich Pheap Yun

A 1970s fiction movie

Les Films du Bouloi

Films documenting the history of the Khmer Rouge and the trial of the former Khmer Rouge leaders

Ly Bun Yim

1970s fiction movie “Khmer after Angkor

Mao Ayuth

4 fiction movies directed by Mao Ayuth in the 1990s

Martin Haldane Rathie

Photo series documenting Lao President Souphanouvon’s visit to Democratic Kampuchea in 1977

Mekong Water and Food

Documentaries about the Mekong River

Michel Laloue

Amateur movies shot in the 1960s during a personal trip

Mimi Palgen

1950s photo series, documenting Cambodian daily life, the Water Festival, Phnom Penh, the Chinese New Year, and temples

French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Collection of the oldest photographs exposed in the Bophana Center (1866-1873), including series featuring King Norodom’s dancers and the temples of Angkor

Musée Rodin

Auguste Rodin’s drawing of Cambodian dancers (1906)


Movie documenting General de Gaulle’s visit to Cambodia and the Vietnam war

Nomad RSI

Educational movies about health care in Mondolkiri province

Norodom Sihanouk

Over 30 movies directed by King Norodom Sihanouk in the 1960s, 1990s and 2000s. The collection also contains Princess Buppha Devi films, featuring Cambodian dance, the Royal Palace, and musical performances composed by Norodom Sihanouk himself.

Paul Cummings

Photos of Phnom Penh shot in the 1980s, a few years after the fall of the Khmer Rouge regime

Phare Ponleu Selpak

Filmed circus performances and educational animation movies produced by Phare Ponleu Selpak

Pheav Phanna

Photo series featuring 1970s Cambodian film posters

Pov Sok

6 Pov Sok films documenting the Cambodian society, cinema and music (2000s)

Korng Chak Production

4 fiction movies directed by Uong Kan Thuok in the 1970s

Prasath Meas Production

Fiction movie “Pous Troung Oun Tov” directed by Saravuth in 1975

Hemapean Pheap Yun Production

Fiction movie “Preah Thinavong” directed by Ly Var in 1966

Kong Chey Film Production

3 fiction movies produced by Kong Chey Production in the 1960s

Preah Chinvong Production

Fiction movie produced by Preah Chinvong Production in 1966

Sovankiri Production

2 fiction movies directed by Dy Saveth and her husband Houy King in 1973 and 1974

Radio France

Radio France’s programs covering Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge, and the people’s trauma

Raul Gallego Albellan

Documentary about Ms. Peng Phan (2011). 1960s TV host and the character of several Rithy Pahn films, she opened an orphanage and has struggled to pass on the Khmer culture.

Rithy Panh

18 fiction movies and documentaries directed by Rithy Panh

Ros Reasey

Photo series featuring the victims of the American bombings in 1974

Sok Sothun

4 fiction movies directed by Sok Sothun between 1998 and 2008

Stéphane Janin

Photo series documenting shop signs, trains, movie theaters and the society in 1990s Cambodia

Support Children and Young People (SCY)

Films about children and the youth produced by young Cambodians

Suthep Kritsanavarin

Photo series featuring the local people’s life in the region of Khone waterfalls, in Southern Laos near the Cambodian border

Svay Sareth

4 movie performances directed by Svay Sareth, a contemporary Khmer artist

Theatre Works

2010 documentary about the transmission of Cambodian arts by surviving artists, especially Em Theay, a former dancer of the Royal Ballet and dance teacher

Thomas Vendetti

2 documentaries featuring Sam Khong. A navy gunner in Cambodian in 1971, he moved to the United States for military training. When the Khmer Rouge took Phnom Penh in 1975, Sam was still in Texas and he could not make his way back to Cambodia.

Thomas Weber Carlsen & Jan Krogsgaard

30 interviews with former Khmer Rouge soldiers

Thonevath Pou

Vinyl records collection of Cambodian traditional songs and music

Tom Fawthrop

Photos documenting Cambodian politics and society in the 1990s

Tom Paul

3 documentaries about the memory of the genocide


State television TVK-produced films covering Cambodia’s social issues


Movies documenting the preservation and restoration of the Angkor temples


Educational movies about health care and maternity in Cambodia

Van Chan

3 fiction movies produced by Van Chan in the 1970s

Vandy Rattana

Photo series featuring Boeung Kak Lake evictions, Cambodian telecom company’s headquarters, chess, Cambodia’s first tower, and the daily activities of a household

Vann Nath

Images of paintings by survivor of S21, Vann Nath

Vathana Huy

1970s Cambodian movie posters

Women’s Media Centre of Cambodia (WMC)

Educational movies about violence, family, drugs…


A film featuring Lake Tonle Sap, the threats to its ecosystem and development projects proposed to the local population

Yoko Toda

Photo series documenting photographer Yoko Toda’s visit to Angkor in 1965

Youth for Peace

2010 documentary on Arn Chorn-Pond movie, a Khmer Rouge child soldier

Yvon Hem

8 fiction movies produced by Baksey Thansour Production in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 2000s

  • La princesse Buppha Devi dans le film Apsara, de Norodom Sihanouk
  • Stéphane Janin : série photographique sur les enseignes
  • Ta Krut contant le Reamker dans les années 60
  • Série photographique de Vandy Rattana
  • Série photographique réalisée par la journaliste américaine Elizabeth Becker en 1978
  • John Vink : séries photographiques commencées en 1989
  • Séquence chantée par Ros Serey Sothea et Sin Sisamouth dans Apsara de Norodom Sihanouk
  • Séquence du documentaire S21, la machine de mort khmère rouge de Rithy Panh