• Cine Saturday

    Cine Saturday is a weekly program that aims at raising awareness on our film archives as well as those of private collections. Screenings are free and take place every Saturday at 5pm, in the Bophana Center’s movie theater. Film directors are often invited to meet the public.

  • Cine Weekday

    Not only on Saturday, we also want to offer you enjoyable screenings on weekdays! Ciné-Weekday will display a variety of movie archives in our collections every Tuesday and Thursday on Facebook page and YouTube channel of Bophana Center.

  • App on Khmer Rouge History

    With the support of the European Union and Rei Foundation Limited, Bophana Center has been developing a smart-device application for learning Khmer Rouge history. Consisting of information validated by Cambodian and international experts in history, this educational app witnesses personal and collective histories of Khmer Rouge regime through diverse audiovisual contents, findings of ECCC and […]

  • Cine Club

    Cine Club enables young Cambodian film lovers to discover a wide range of movies from all over the world. Movies are always introduced by special guests, therefore encouraging debates and exchange of ideas. From time to time the Cine Club organizes vocational trainings for careers in filmmaking, such as scriptwriting.

  • Conferences

    Our conferences aim at better understanding Cambodian history, its culture, architecture, traditions as well as its current challenges. They are also dedicated to image analysis and filmmaking.

  • Exhibitions

    Our exhibitions often celebrate our collections. They are also an opportunity to share artistic reflections on the past or, more broadly, on societal and historical issues. In addition to the exhibitions special screenings and conferences are often organized.

  • Acts of Memory

    Acts of Memory “Learn the past, create the future”​ a series program, co-produced by Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center and Cambodian Living Arts, that presented by Season of Cambodia. These leading Phnom Penh institutions team up to produce humanities program offering reflections on 40th anniversary of Khmer Rouge.

  • Mobile Screenings

    In 2008 we began setting up film screenings throughout Cambodia in order to revive audiovisual memories among those who cannot access them easily. To attract villagers of all ages screenings are usually organized in the town square, the school yard or the pagoda. The films are chosen by our partners and the local communities; and […]

  • Special Screenings

    Besides Cine Club and Cine Saturday, Bophana Center also organizes irregular-based screenings of Cambodian and non-Cambodian films in relation with special events such as visits of film makers from abroad or seasonal festivals. The screenings are usually followed by Q&A sessions or discussions to allow the audience to share their appreciations as well as for […]

  • CIFF

    The 11th edition of Cambodia International Film Festival (CIFF) will present films with good quality over 40 countries through a selection of over 140 films from all continents, including feature and short films, documentaries, and animations. This year a special focus on Australian Cinema to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Australia […]

  • Memory!

    Memory! is the first festival in Asia dedicated to film heritage. Its objective is to preserve the memory of cinema and its universal language. While 90 percent of the films produced worldwide before 1929 are definitely lost, Memory Festival aims at enabling the widest possible audience to access this legacy to humanity. Memory’s goal is […]

  • Indian Cinema Week

    The second edition of the Indian Cinema Week will take place in Phnom Penh from June 22nd through June 26th, 2016. With 14 films and 14 screenings selected, including classics, blockbusters and awarded winning films from India are going to be screened in the prestigious Chaktomuk Theater. The overall selection is very audience friendly with […]

  • European Film Festival Cambodia

    Another selection of unique and captivating European films are coming to the Cambodian capital. Starting on February 17, 2023, European Film Festival will offer audiences a taste of Europe’s diverse cultural heritage with ten days of screenings at venues across the city. Bophana Center is one of the partners for this festival and showcase the […]