We invite you to look back at Cambodia’s history and culture through movies, photos, music, sound recordings, exhibitions, screenings, and conferences... The Bophana Center is currently mainly visited by Cambodians aged 15 to 30 and who come from all social backgrounds. However, our programs also appeal to Cambodian artists, students, academic researchers, filmmakers, journalists, as well as tourists and expatriates.


We organize upon request educational activities, including introductory workshop sessions on image or screenings. They can be targeted by audiovisual type (educational movies, short films, cartoons) or by theme (e.g., water, environment, education, social issues). We are used to welcoming groups and NGOs working with street, disadvantaged or disabled children.


Each year we welcome foreign and Cambodian students as well as interns. We also organize art workshops and training (translation, sound recording, and image).


Our archives contain documents on history, arts, language, and Cambodian traditions. To help you conduct your class, we can provide you with tools that speak to young people, mostly images and sounds. You can organize a screening, invite them to work on a research and a presentation or ask them to summarize movies...


At the Bophana Center you will find a wide range of archives from the late nineteenth century till today. Don’t hesitate to visit us for your research. All our documents are available for free. If you are not in Phnom Penh, our archivists can assist you remotely.


Draw inspiration from the Bophana Center archives! We often welcome art workshops so that painters, sculptors, photographers and architects can delve into the past to imagine the future. This is the core mission of the center. Feel free to submit your projects; we will be happy to welcome you and support you.