• Archives

    The Bophana Center’s archives are both our pillar and our purpose. Our core mission is to give new life to any Cambodian-related film or audiovisual heritage by collecting and preserving movies, photographs and any sound records from Cambodia or from abroad.

  • Production

    Production is the second pillar of the Bophana Center. Because production and audiovisual archives are closely associated in one single location, the center has become a unique place that combines culture and development, heritage and modern audiovisual creation, filmmaking and multimedia.

    Our productions


All our products (books, CDs, DVDs, etc.) and those of our partners are on sale at the Bophana Center store.


Since the launch of the Bophana Center, we have developed a wide range of services targeting various audiences, including individuals, civil society organizations, enterprises, and institutions.

What a great project! What a challenge! The Bophana Center questions memories, discloses and discovers them. And suddenly the whole collection helps illuminate the present. While spending some time there, I could feel that a dream was taking shape. And the sights and sounds were becoming weapons of massive construction. Thank you, Rithy, and congratulations to all.

— Bertrand Tavernier