Elephant conservation and indigenous experiences in Cambodia: Shaping environmental awareness through participatory filmmaking with young people

Involving a collaboration between the University of Bath, Queen’s University Belfast, The University of Leeds, Bophana Center, and Elephant Livelihood Initiative Environment (ELIE), the project recruited 12 young people and trained them in co-productive and participatory filmmaking methods. The project will deliver 3 films that can be used as advocacy tools, highlighting exemplary conservation practice, environmental challenges, and issues facing marginalised indigenous communities through field visits to ELIE sites. Read more »

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Amplifying Voices of Indigenous Women and Discriminated Groups through Innovative Multimedia

With the support of Voice, through Oxfam in Cambodia, and the support of the Australian Embassy in Cambodia and Heinrich Böll Foundation Cambodia, the Association for Researching, Producing and Archiving the Audiovisual documents (ARPAA) is implementing a project called “Amplifying Voices of Indigenous Women and Discriminated Groups through Innovative Multimedia” which lasts 24 (twenty four) months. This project provides a full scholarship to 12 (twelve) selected candidates, to attend documentary filmmaking and multimedia training. Read more »

2nd Series

1st Series

One Dollar - Multimedia Project

The Bophana Center is opening up to new technologies. Our first multimedia initiative was a web documentary called One Dollar. Since then, we have developed other projects and plan on organizing trainings in 2014-2015. We want to support the development of digital content on crosscutting issues, such as: history, artistic heritage, the environment, social change, etc. Our action aims at ensuring that Cambodia, like other developing countries, masters the same tools as developed countries and finds its proper place in the worldwide multimedia industry.


Holding a prominent position in the Bophana Center’s productions are the documentaries directed by young Cambodians trained in-house. These documentaries were nominated and awarded in many international festivals, including Sundance, DocHouse, FIFDH, Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival, etc. They have all contributed to enhance the center’s reputation worldwide. Red Wedding in particular was awarded best medium-length documentary at the International Documentary Film Festival (IDFA) in 2012.

Other Film and Broadcasting Productions

  • Of Tools and Men, 20th Anniversary of AFD in Cambodia (2013)
  • 19-minute corporate movie produced for the French Development Agency. It presents the Agency’s action in Cambodia. Available in French, English and Khmer.
  • The Royal Ballet of Cambodia (2011)
  • TV coverage of the Royal Ballet of Cambodia, filmed by American television in the 1960s (NARA archives).
  • Clean Ovens (2010)
  • Coverage produced for French TV channel TV5 Monde on GERES’ improved cookstoves. It was broadcasted in “Coup de pouce pour la planète”.
  • Bophana, Shadows and Lights (2010)
  • 8-minute movie on Bophana Center’s activities. It was released during the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.
  • Cambodia — Memory Workshop (2009)
  • 37-minute corporate movie commissioned by the University of Paris 8. It relates the work conducted at the Bophana Center during the "Memory, Archive and Creation" workshops.
  • Testimonial Therapy, A Path Towards Justice and Healing (2009)
  • 13-minute corporate movie co-produced by NGO Transcultural Psychosocial Organization (TPO). The movie focuses on the NGO’s innovative approach to treat both the individual and the collective trauma endured by those who survived the Khmer Rouge regime.
  • Absence (2007), Num Banhchok (2007)
  • Documentaries directed by Mathieu Pheng

Production Studio

Cambodian and international professionals conduct practical workshops to train future technicians and film directors. Once the training is completed, we invite them to participate in our in-house film productions to improve their professional skills. The Bophana Center therefore helps structure and professionalize Cambodia’s film and broadcasting industry.

The Bophana Center Production also aims at generating income and ensuring the sustainability of our activities. By offering a range of quality services (including production, shooting materials rental, and post-production) as well as skilled professionals, our studio addresses a specific need in the industry.

Broadcasting & Multimedia »

Musical Production

Our productions help to revive Cambodia’s musical and radio heritage. Our first musical project was called “Street Melodies”. We recorded street performers, while Cambodia was undergoing major transformation. “Cambodian Forgotten Songs”, which was published in several volumes, was produced following the discovery of an old version published in France in the early twentieth century. We invited experts and Cambodian musicians to resuscitate these old tunes. With “Back to Rock”, we gave new life to Khmer rock songs from the 1960-70s. Jacques Brunet’s recordings also allowed us to present the “Reamker”, which at the time was told by famous Ta Krut... Thanks to all the records we produce and distribute throughout the country, our Cambodian heritage reappeared on the radio, in the countryside, or during traditional festivals.