Cambodian Forgotten Songs Vol. 1 (2009)

Bophana Audiovisual Resources Center

10 USD

On the basis of the book "Cambodian Songs" published in 1921 by the Company of the Indochinese Studies (Société des Etudes Indochinoises), which gathers more than one hundred of Cambodian traditional songs (words and music), the Bophana Center envisaged to make revive these forgotten songs by recording traditional singers and musicians.

In 2008, in collaboration with the Amrita Performing Arts, Bophana Center successfully produced the first album of the Cambodian Forgotten Songs. The produced CD contains studio recording of the eight songs and an accompanying booklet. The booklet includes some lyrics of the songs, in Khmer, translated into French and English, and pictures relative to the songs. The CD is registered in the Bophana Center database Hanuman, making it available for the public to consult. In order to celebrate the launching of the CD on October 16th 2009, a concert at Bophana Center was organized and accompanied by a photographic exhibition showing the whole process of the production of the CD.