Workshop: The Theory of Editing: Scene Breakdown

By freelance editor and colorgrader Anastasia Shepherd:

” One or two days of showing clips from films and discussing why the editor made the choices he or she made. No experience with editing necessary, as this would just be a lecture and discussion in groups.

I’d like to give out some photocopies of articles and some information on different uses of film techniques, Ex: match cuts, the Kuleshov effect, montage, parallel editing, and also do some comparisons of the script for a scene and the finished cut.

My only concern with this idea is the language level of the students involved, as I only have versions of this material in English. Those are my three main ideas.

I could also do workshops based on learning the basics of Avid Media Composer or Final Cut Pro X, or Adobe Premiere if there is an interest. I did notice that currently working with Final Cut 7. Final Cut 7 is a very nice piece of software, but it is somewhat outmoded (It was discontinued in 2008) so everyone may want to learn some more modern software as well so that they can find work more easily in the film industry”.

More information:

  • August 15, 2015 · 9:00 am
  • Bophana Center
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