WMC’s films: Cambodian young women’s lives – Online

Produced by Women’s Media Center of Cambodia (WMC), 2006, Khmer version

1. Missing the Boat
Produced by Women’s Media Centre of Cambodia (WMC), 2006, 34min, Khmer version
« Missing the Boat » is a TV drama showing the life of garment workers in Cambodia. Due to poor families, most young women from villages gave up their studies and end up working in urban garment factories with little knowledge. Nourn was tempted to sleep with her boyfriend, the son of a rich family in the city, and then she was infected with HIV/AIDS unwittingly. Her future was in doubt at a young age…

2. The Shedding Crab
Produced by Women’s Media Center of Cambodia (WMC), 2006, 21min, Khmer version
The film describes a young girl’s life in comparison with the life of crab shedding. Sithy was raped when she was a child. Her parents didn’t care of her. She went through a bitter life experience which she is unable to forget. At last, Sithy is out of her old shell…

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