Hope for Cambodia

Solo art exhibition by Miya Choi

From October 3 to October 28
Opening reception on October 3, 5:30pm (Invitation Only)

Hope for Cambodia is a series of digital paintings by artist Miya Choi. These paintings capture the visions that she has while meditating on the Bible. Some appeared vividly with hurried strokes, and others felt uncertain and needed revisions. Through the process, Miya sought to bridge her personal and spiritual discoveries to the natural, colorful world.

The works in this exhibition are inspired by forms and colors—the most essential abstraction of the universe. A curved line across the canvas becomes the horizon separating heaven and earth. A blue sky sparks joy whereas a grey one feels somber. Intersecting lines and coloring the in-between spaces, Miya creates planes that fit like puzzle pieces. Recognizable and repeating elements—a hand or a tree—help ground abstraction in reality. Together, they create dreamlike scenes resembling stained glasses in a church.

Miya’s life in Cambodia deeply affected this work. The colors of the sunset, entangled roots, and the lotus flower show her affection and respect for Cambodia. Through this work, she hopes to communicate a message of love and hope to all people, especially Cambodians—like a star shining in the dark; a dove soaring over the waves.

The public can visit the exhibition with at least 2m social distancing rule. Also, wear a mask, clean your hands. We’re very much thankful for your cooperation to prevent COVID-19.

Free admission

  • October 3, 2020 · 2:00 pm
  • Bophana Center
  • Exhibitions