Two documentaries of art items in classical dance

Procuced by Department of Cinema and Cultural Diffusion

Khmok- Smach Khmer
Produced in 2002, 14min, Khmer version with English subtitles

Cambodians use Khmok-Smach to make some items for their daily life: basket weaving, finely woven basket (it is used to hold ceremonial offerings). Cambodian also uses this Khmok-Smach to make some art items: crown and monster’s mask (in classical dance). This documentary will show you how the Khmok- Smach was made?

APSARA dance
Produced in 2001, 15min, Khmer version

Cambodian Dance is an important form of art and culture to mark the national identity and the soul of the nation. Apsara is the most important dance for Khmer culture and the national heritage, which has been inherited by Khmer ancestors. This show was performed by the students of the Royal University of Fine Arts, and choreographed by Princess NORODOM BOPHA DEVI and Proeung Chheang, dean of the Royal University of Fine Arts.

  • April 25, 2015 · 5:00 pm
  • Bophana Center
  • Cine Saturday