Greeting and Thank You Note from Rithy Panh

Dear friends,

This year has been incredibly challenging for all of us, and we want to thank all of our friends and supporters who believe in our mission to document Cambodian culture and train the next generation’s filmmakers. In addition to the generosity of the individual donors who have helped us thrive in this difficult time, we have been honored to receive meaningful grants and sponsorships from an array of foundations, such as The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Ford Foundation, Sundance Institute, UNESCO, Oxfam, UK Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Australian Embassy in Cambodia, Heinrich Böll Stiftung and Give2Asia, which allowed us to sustain our ongoing projects and further our longstanding goals.

In particular, we are proud to foster creative spirit in our young filmmakers who persevered to produce their documentaries in spite of the difficulties of Covid-19. We look forward to sharing with you their excellent films amplifying the voices of indigenous peoples and under-represented groups, including raising awareness for elephant conservation in Northeast Cambodian. Even with the pandemic, we are finding ways to ensure that Bophana remains a space for our audience to enjoy Cambodian culture, history and cinema — whether in-person or remotely — and we are grateful for your interest in our work and contributions in making it possible.

With your support, we are ready for another productive year to come. You can DONATE here:

– In Cambodia, you can donate via ABA:
Account no. 000696709

– Give2Asia:

Sincerely thanks,

Rithy Panh,
Founder of Bophana Center

The center is temporarily closed

As the COVID-19 situation in Cambodia has not improved yet, therefore, the Bophana Center is temporarily closed until the situation described above gets better, and we will keep you informed accordingly.

However, you can still follow our online programs, and most importantly, please keep practicing the safety regulations with your utmost caution in order to prevent COVID-19. Sincerely,

The center’s archive consultation space is still OPEN

Bophana Center would like to inform the public that the center’s archive consultation space is still OPEN.

Most importantly, this space is accessible to the public at only 3 people at a time. For the convenience of those who wish to visit the space, please inbox us in advance (Facebook page: Bophana Center) or dial +855 (0) 23 99 21 74, so we could secure a place for you.

In addition, the exhibition hall and cinema are not available at this time unless the COVID-19 situation in Cambodia improves and we will keep the public informed.

We’re very much thankful for your cooperation. Please keep practicing the safety regulations by maintaining social distancing and your personal good hygiene with your utmost caution in order to prevent COVID-19. Best regards,