Three films of Bophana students selected for AAS 2021 Film Expo

Bophana Center is pleased to announce that 3 films of Bophana filmmaking students have been selected to be displayed in the AAS 2021 Film Expo, a conference located in the United States, which is scheduled for March 21-26, 2021 as a virtual, online program.

AAS 2021 Film Expo features 28 films which also include 3 films made by Bophana students in the framework of the project “Amplifying Voices of Indigenous Women and Discriminated Groups through innovative multimedia”: On the Move (directed by Minea Heng), Worry (directed by Chhouk Loeurn and Pring Proel), and No Choice (directed by Roda Din).

In addition, the conference also features 21 Q&A sessions. Mr. Sopheap Chea, Executive Director of Bophana Center will join as a speaker in a session on March 26, 2021, at 9PM (Cambodia Time).

To find out details regarding the conference and its program, please click HERE.

Congratulations on your great work!

Don conjoint d’archives audiovisuelles au Centre Bophana!

Le Centre Bophana est une institution de premier plan dans le domaine de la conservation des archives audiovisuelles au Cambodge. Actuellement, un grand nombre d’archives audiovisuelles sont en cours de sauvetage, de réparation et de conservation, et et le travail a été effectué avec le plus grand soin.

Donc, Mesdames et Messieurs, si vous avez d’anciennes archives, telles que de la musique, des disques vinyles, des films, des photos, des cassettes vidéo, des cassettes de musique et d’autres documents d’archives, veuillez faire un don au Centre Bophana par:

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