The Interview with Ma Khoy


Ma Khoy is Tampuan indigenous people from Lumphat District of Ratanakiri Province. Through his interview, he tries to tell us traditional practices of Tampuan in some ritual practices: Offering ceremony for warming the new village hall, Offering ceremony for village spirit, Traditional and home delivery and use of traditional midwife, Offering ceremony before doing the farm, Rice offering ceremony before harvesting, Traditional Relationship between boys and girls before getting married, Funeral ceremony and loss of their culture during Khmer Rouge regime.


My name is HIM Luong. I am 24 years old and be a Bachelor’s Degree student of General Management. I’m Tompoun indigenous youth in Kaleng village, Kaleng commune, Lumphat district in Ratanakiri province. I have been an English language teacher in Ratanakiri Town.


I wanted to learn and understand how to make films was to acquire new technical skills and to express Tampuan culture and identity, particularly for the young generation to understand clearly about their own identity, so they would help to maintain their own culture instead of losing it.