My Music


Mr. SARL Ther, 47 years old, is of the Jarai indigenous minority, and he lives in Tangse village, Nhang commune, Andong Meas district in Ratanakiri province. He has 6 children—2 sons and 4 daughters. He is a farmer and maker of Chapei Khloauk, which it is a kind of Jarai musical instrument. At a young age, he learned this skill from his uncle. The Chapei Khloauk has the same shape as other indigenous chapei but its strings are different.  In the past, this instrument was used for playing all kinds of music and  often by young men to court young women.


My name is KLAN Narith, and I am Jarai. I was born and still live in Tangse Malou village, Nhang Commune, Andong Meas district in Ratanakiri province. My interest is producing funny short stories.


My reason for making this film about Chapei Khloauk was to make a film record for the Jarai younger generation so that they and other people could see Jarai indigenous culture and identity.