« The Social Protection Needs »

This photo exhibition aims to present the voice individuals who are the informal workers, domestic worker, entertainment workers, students/youth, the people with disability and the elderly regarding their need of social protection. Their living conditions worsened during the outbreak of Covid-19, which lasted for more than two years. Although the situation of Covid-19 in 2022 is better, they still continue to face financial and health problems as they have to pay off microfinance or bank debt, to expend on the basic needs and the expend on medical treatment while they could not find a job or resume their work yet.

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  • juillet 23, 2022 · 5:00 Online
  • Bophana Center
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Mr. PIN Nhanh, fishing gears maker in Siem Reap Province

Mrs. LUY ENG, a garment worker and a union leader in a garment factory in Phnom Penh

Mrs. SOVANN Vary, Tuk Tuk driver, living in Phnom Penh

Mrs. AY Vanny, domestic worker, living in Phnom Penh.

Mrs. MONG Simon, a street​ vendor in Phnom Penh

Miss. HENG Soklin, youth living in Phnom Penh

Mrs. KAY Srey Orn, director of People with disability Representative Organization in Siem Reap province

Ms. SreyAun (pseudonym), an entertainment worker in Phnom Penh

Ms. Nimnoun (pseudonym), LGBTQ+ and an entertainment service worker in Phnom Penh