Chapter 4. The “Phloy” outside the village

• Video presentation by Seyma Thorn on “The artist’s journey out of the village”

Please click to watch the video below to find out what happened during the artists’ journey out of the village to Phnom Penh, Siem Reap province, and Oddar Meanchey province.

• Demonstration in Oddar Meanchey province with exchange of experience between “Ken” class and “Phloy” class

Phloy 4.12
Phloy 4.1 Phloy 4.5 Phloy 4.11
Phloy 4.8  Phloy 4.9
Phloy 4.2
Phloy 4.3  Phloy 4.13

• Recording Phloy music and songs at 60 Road Studios, Siem Reap province

Phloy 4.14  Phloy 4.19

• Demonstration in Kampot province, at schools, on the streets

Phloy 4.15
Phloy 4.16  Phloy 4.17

• “Arts4Peace” festival 2019 in Phnom Penh

Phloy 4.20

This was the first time for them to perform on such a big stage. They said that they still had a lot of fear, and they did not know what to do in the performance. But because of their consistent rehearsing, we had confidence that they would perform well. And finally, they made it.

They performed as a solo group, as well as with the “Khmer Magic Music Bus” and “Kmeng Khmer” with new melodies.

We composed new melodies and mixed them with the sound of “Phloy”. It was a great success and it was really exciting for the students to be able to mix traditional instruments with modern instruments, but it was even more fun for us to all perform together.

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