Chapter 5. Sound of “Phloy”

Phloy instrument HD


According to Mr. Duong Nhek, together with the village chief of Thmor Daun Pov and the elders in the village, the “Phloy” is a musical instrument of the “Chong” indigenous people in the Areng area (located south of the Cardamom Mountains) which can be played at weddings and especially for the guardian spirit or the wild elephant.

The “Phloy” is made of bamboo, gourd and glued together by natural lacquer. The speciality of this musical instrument is that its sound is like bumblebee visiting flowers and is considered by the locals as a musical instrument for offering and connecting to the souls and the spirits who guard the village.

To sense how beautiful the “Phloy” sounds, please watch the 3 videos of music and songs, performed and sung by the 3 students of Mr. Duong Nhek, as follows:

• សែនអ្នកតាស្រុក (Saen Nak Ta Srok)

• មកពីនាយធ្លាក់អាយ (Mork Pi Neay Thleak Ay)

• ស្ទឹងបែកជាពីរ (Steung Baek Chea Pi)

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