By David Lynch, 2001, 2h27min, English version

Presented by Tith Kanitha
In partnership with Anti-Archive and the United States Embassy, Phnom Penh.

As a cross-disciplinary artist, Tith Kanitha works between sculpture, performance, and installation art, and is also at the center of Cambodia’s independent film industry as an actress, artistic director, and soon to be director with Anti-Archive’s Echoes from Tomorrow project. Kanitha selected Mulholland Drive for this program because she feels it pronounces how David Lynch inspires her practice: “the mystery of a fragmented narrative, bizarre elements of surprise, and his approach to getting to the essence of major and especially minor characters in casting and directing.” We are pleased to partner with Anti-Archive and the US Embassy Phnom Penh for Cine Club, a longstanding program of Bophana which enables young Cambodian film lovers to discover a wide range of films from other parts of the world, followed by a lively exchange of ideas.

Free admission

  • February 3, 2018 · 2:00 pm
  • Bophana Center
  • Cine Club