Cambodian Music of Forest

All of the music was recording from ethnic minorities in Cambodia living in rural mountainous areas and countryside. The archive was recorded during a study-mission carried out by the Royale University of fine Arts, Phnom Penh, in 1969-1970.

The Bophana Center would like to express our sincere thanks to Mr. Pov Thonevath for providing us with these rare archives.

[00:00] Man Singing

[02:43] Two Young Men

[05:26] Solo by a young man

[06:27] Song of a young man

[09:33] Two men singing in a chorus

[12:57] Solo pey pork

[14:44] Polyphony

[16:17] Voice of a Kuay woman

[19:18] The guardian of spirit Kuay

[25:17] Invocation to Preah Pisnukar

[27:12] Cambodian traditional marriage

[31:20] Voice of a Cham women

[33:39] Music for buffalo sacrifice

Produced by Société français de productions phonographiques Archive from collection: Thonevath Pou

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