Khlong – Saray Andet

Bophana Center is pleased to share you a rare music archive “Khlong – Saray Andet” Sadeav solo and song by Srey Yim, and recorded by Jacques Brunet in 1967-1968.

Srey Yim plays that bat Khlong theme preceding the melody Saray Andet, which he sings himself. The Sadeav, which is very hard to play, is hardly used nowadays. The playing technique consists in plucking the string with the nail of the index finger, at the same time altering its pitch by touching it lightly with the other fingers of the same hand. The left hand modifies the tension of the string. By bringing the gourd more less close to his breast, the player obtains an endless variety in regard to the duration of the sound. Saray Andet, which means “floating algae”, is a wedding song in which the singer lists and describes, not only the floating algae, but all the flowers he can present to his beloved.

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