Chapter 3. The “Phloy” in the village

After the class started, we have been exploring new ideas to enable the students to be skilled and confident on their own to be active in their own village. We made a program called “Music at My House”. The villagers said that was their first time they had seen young people playing this instrument.

Phloy 3.2
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It is true because Master Nhek taught his students to play it, and before he was the only one who could play the instrument. This was rarely seen because he played only when making offerings to the guardian spirit, and this was the first time he had taught students. The instrument was not for performing, but it was played only for the guardian spirit in the village. Since that was the first public performance, the students answered many questions from the villagers.

Phloy 3.4  Phloy 3.1

The second edition of “Music at My House” was not much different from the first one, except that we prepared new clothes for the students and they had chance to perform in the village. They received a lot of attention from both young and old in the village. Around that time, Duong Nhek and his students had to go into the forest to find resin for sale to maintain the instruments. However, they were still glad to have both the first and second demonstrations. They are committed to showing the “Phloy” to the next generation, and it was also a pleasure for them to wear new clothes.

Phloy 3.9

They were still nervous while playing because they thought they had just learned a little bit before having to perform at the demonstration. However, they tried their best at the demonstration, and because they had a lot of friends encouraging them, the event was a big success.

• Spiritual offering ceremony in the village

As we mentioned above, the “Phloy” is played only for making offerings to the guardian spirit and it is a Chorng indigenous tradition. You can see the pictures of the Spiritual offering ceremony in the forest to which the elders brought the “Phloy”.

Phloy 3.12  Phloy 3.15

Because it was the rainy season, there were many forest leeches that could jump and cling to us, especially where there are lots of leaves. That’s what I fear most. However, we still made an effort to participate in this ceremony. The performers brought hand drums with them and smiled at us as we struggled to trek into the forest.

Phloy 3.13

• Documentary video “Phloy Musical Instrument at Chhay Areng Valley in Koh Kong province”

You can watch the video below to see our detailed activities since our first exploration in the Areng area in Koh Kong province until our activities in the village.

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