Organized by Artist Kimsan Sou

From April 5 to April 29
Opening reception on April 5, 5:30pm (Invitation Only)

For centuries, Cambodia has gone through many eras, from prehistoric times to the most prosperous time called, the Angkor empire. This wheel of history continues to spin and gradually declined from the post-Angkor periods to the period when the black curtain obscured Cambodia, the Pol Pot era. After the war was over, Cambodia struggled to rebuild its economy, infrastructure and strengthen international relations until it become as stabilized as we see today. War aggression, family loss, natural disasters, famines, etc. By experiencing both the richness and bitterness of history we, the next generation, can learn what should and should not be done to build our country together.

Meanwhile, human history keeps moving, each of us also has our own stories we confronted. The past stories of our ancestors, grandparents, parents, aunts, friends, including us, are all good lessons that we can absorb and try to understand with each other on how to practice life to have the quality to help ourselves, our family, and society better. Also, the arts have played an important role in our lives from the past to the present time. The works of our ancestors left behind are such precious arts with rich and talented. Gone through those periods, our country has encountered countless situations, became a civilized country, and fell into crises that all affect the sector of Arts. After the end of the civil war, which lasted for centuries, all sectors gradually recovered, also fine arts struggled to move forward. As artists and art lovers, we have started compiling a small number of artists in Cambodia for this first exhibition. Our team includes artists that specialize in oil painting, watercolor, sculpture, printing making, and installation. The main purposes are to promote, glorify, and develop our national arts and culture by connecting, sharing knowledge, and building friendships for unity in a peaceful world from the present to the future.

“Memory” became the main message of our first exhibition through our works on display, reminiscent of memories and experiences we have learned and experienced in the past. We hope it will be an important message that allows us to explore and exchange experiences between artists and the public.

Free admission

  • April 5, 2022 · 9:00 am
  • Bophana Center
  • Exhibitions