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Cinema in Cambodia began in the 1950s and many films were being produced and screened in theaters throughout the country by the 1960s, which are regarded as the “golden age”. Like in Cambodia, the making of Mandarin-language films in Taiwan got underway during the 1950s and entered its golden age in the 1960s, a heyday that lasted around 20 years. The movie industry then underwent further transformation during the 1990s to assume its current form.
As the title says it all, “OPEN WINDOW ON TAIWAN CINEMA” hopes to give chance to the audience in Cambodian to discover some of Taiwan movies that we’ve selected from different production dates.

Screening Schedule :
-Sept 03, 2016
. 2PM : THE BEST SECRET AGENT by Chang Ying/Narrative Feature/1964/102min/ In Mandarin with Eng Subtitles
. 5PM : THE FLY DRAGON MOUNTAIN by Chen Hung-Min/Narrative Feature/1971/85min/In Mandarin with Eng Subtitles

-Sept 10, 2016
. 2PM : THE YOUNG ONE by Li Hsing/Narrative Feature/1973/110min/In Mandarin with Eng Subtitles
. 5PM : WHEN LOVE COMES by Chang Tso-Chi, Narrative Feature/2010/108min/ In Mandarin-Taiwanese with Eng Subtitles

-Sept 17, 2016
.2PM : UNTRAMMELED TRAVELER by Chen Whai-Eng/Documentary/2011/75min/In Mandarin with Eng Subtitles

  • September 3, 2016 · 2:00 pm
  • Bophana Center
  • Special Screening