Scales of Justice: Episode 3 Part 1 – Online

Produced by WMC (Women's Media Center of Cambodia), Directed by Sovanna Chheng, Written by Thavy Uch, Sakiry Roeung and Vanna Ouch, 2009, 33min, Khmer version

Mrs. Sros divided her inheritance to her three children: 2 hectares of land and a house for her youngest daughter Nourn, and 2 hectares of land for each of her two sons Chamnan and Chamnab. But all of this was done by oral voice without any official document. One day, Mrs. Sros was found strangled to death in her home. Shortly after her death, a letter which signed by her name is found and in which she wrote that she would give all her inheritance to her youngest daughter only…

Tuesday, April 27, 2021, at 5PM, on Facebook page (Bophana Center).

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