Two films will be screened on Saturday

1. “The Season of the Palm Trees’ Flowers”
Directed by Mao Ayuth and Lim Kvang Ngoc, 1980, 24 min, Khmer version
This documentary is about the history, the harvest and the utility of the palm trees. Through this documentary, we can understand the daily lives of the rural people, and about surviving of Phnom Penh city after the Khmer Rouge.

2. “Rebirth of Kampuchea”
Directed by Nget Samorn and Ieu Pannakar, 1985, 36 min, Khmer version
Documentary of the post Pol Pot era, about the university and school structures which are functioning again. The documentary also shows the restoration of Angkor Wat, the travel of Cambodian student to Moscow in an exchange program.

Free admission

  • October 27, 2018 · 5:00 pm
  • Bophana Center
  • Cine Saturday