In the indigenous  Ka-chok community, people use bamboo to make things such as Kapha, baskets and traps. (???Name) is a farmer who lives in Ka-chot village, Nhang commune, Andong Meas district, Ratanakiri province. He weaves things with bamboo and depends on natural resources for his living, but now the land has been taken​ and cleared for farming. It is very difficult to find bamboo to make baskets, but he doesn’t  give up, and continues to weave because it is very important despite the difficulties.


My name is Sol Kanha (Miss), I am of the Ka-chok indigenous ethnicity, and I live in O’Kantel village, Sangkat La-banseak, Krong Banlung, Ratanakiri province. In 2021, I attended the training on “Capacity Building for Indigenous Youth and Indigenous Audiovisual Establishment in Cambodia Through WIKIMEDIA”, and I directed and produced the documentary film on “Bamboo”.