Karn Seth aged 65 is Prao Indigenous man from Taveg District of Ratanakiri Province. He is the only artisan who can make basket which is known as Angeus in Prao language.  Angeus is made of bamboo’s thin slices. It is composed to two layers – inner and outer layer. Between inner and outer layer, leaves of Anang or Rang(names of plants in Prao language) are placed into to protect materials in basket from the rain. Angeus is importantly used by travelers in forest to keep their belongings from being wet.


From Tampuon Reng Thom village, Taveng Commune, Taveng District of Ratanakiri Province, Cham Ska is now at his grade 11th of Taveng High School.


I decided to present this topic to public because of the following reasons. Firstly, I wanted to show the public artist skill of our elders in making the craft of Angeus, especially the way of using or transforming natural resource to be tools that can be used for everyday life. Secondly, I would like to inform public about the culture and way of life of Prao Indigenous People who also have their own belief, tradition and culture.