Directed by Champun MERT, 2022, 11:15 min Karvet Indigenous language with English subtitle.

Ms. Phang Phat lives in La Mey Village, Kok Lak Commune, Vern Sai District, Ratanakiri Province. She works both as a housewife and a farmer. Additionally, Ms. Phat weaves and sells baskets to support her family financially as much as she can. She explained she was able to weave one basket per day in the past. Nowadays, she has to take two days to finish one basket. There are less bamboo trees and the price for one basket decreased to 25,000 riels. Still, she wants to document the skill of weaving baskets for future generations. It is not only important to know how to weave, but also to learn about the art of using the different colors correctly.”