Beliefs of Tiem Leu Village

Directed by Chorvy NEAN, 2022, 15:30 min, Krueng Indigenous language with English Subtitle.

Chan Bunthoeun is an elder living in Team Leu village, Ratanakiri province. In this film, he explains why he believes in the spirits of the forest and the descendants of his village. He shares one of his village’s stories: In the 1950s, the villagers were trapped due to a flood. Asian Water Monitors (a lizard animal) helped them by transporting the people back to the land. Furthermore, Giant Gourami (a kind of fish) used their tails to help them reach the shore. At the same time pumpkin and Kdat plants used their leaves to cover the villagers from the rain and save them from death. This is one of the many traditional beliefs of the Indigenous People of Team Leu.