Chak Kom Pong

Directed by Rakliv SOM, 12min, 2022, Khmer with English Subtitles

Ty Rosaly is a fisherman on the Mekong River in Chroy Chanva district, Phnom Penh. He learned fishing from his father, using traditional gill nets, cast nets, and fish traps. 5 years ago, he was able to catch a lot of fish to financially support his family, but during the last few years, fish are becoming less and less. Nowadays, he cannot catch many anymore. In his opinion, the increasing population caused illegal fishing to peak, as the vendors try to supply enough food on the markets. Another reason is the construction of hydropower dams, as they change the river, resulting in a decrease of the fish population. If the current situation continues, there will be no more fish in the river in the next three or four years. If this comes true, Ty Rosaly must find another job to support his family.