Directed Sopheaktra SIV, 15min, 2022, Khmer Version with English subtitles

27-year-old PHAL Lod and his wife BET Sokchea, who is 23 years old, used to live on a pile of rubbish, together with their three children. At the Choeung Ek lake, they don’t own the land but have an agreement with the owner to live there temporarily. PHAL Lod is a scrap collector: Some of the rubbish he had found was used in his house like plates, pots, tables, and cabinets. Rotten wood​ waste can be used as firewood for cooking, and scrap as metal was sold to get money back. His daily income ranges from 10,000 Riel to 15,000 Riel – just enough to make a living for his family day by day. In the future, he is unsure how things will go, but all his efforts go towards the goal to make education possible for his children.