The last fortune teller


Lok Chov is 91 years old and has 9 children. He lives in O’Tabok village, Taveng Leur commune, Taveng district in Ratanakiri province. He’s been a spirit healer since he was 42 years old, and he uses chicken or duck eggs to divine which spirit is responsible for an illness. Recognising his special ability, people make Senbren (offerings) to the appropriate spirit to cure the sickness. For example, if he ‘sees’ Arak Toek, they offer something to Arak Toek. If they prepare offerings to the right Arak, the illness will be cured. So the people in the community believe and trust in him.


My name is Seb Hor, I’m 18 years old, and I am of the Brao indigenous people, and  of Cambodian nationality. I was born on 14 July 2003, and I live in Taveng village, Taveng Loe commune, Taveng district in Ratanakiri province. I previously produced a short educational film on the Campaign to Eliminate Violence Against Women. and children have an opportunity education entrance at Hun Sen Taveng high school.