Khim music performed by Mr. Chheang in 1972

The Bophana Center would like to present 2 soundtracks of Khim in “phleng khmer” (Khmer music) type for marriage: Veacha Paem (Sweet word) and Sat Kal Lvek (Karavika).

Khim is a musical instrument. Large and small Khim (Khim Thom, Khim Tauch) are identical in their butterfly-like form, simply varying in size. Khim Tauch (small Khim) has a sound which is one octave above Khim Thom (large Khim). It was originally only played in Bassac musical ensembles. Today, Khim is also used in Ayay, Mohaori, and wedding musical ensembles. This is according to “Cambodian Music” by Mrs. Keo Narom.

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