Phleng Khlong performed by the orchestra of Peang Lvea

Bophana Center is pleased to share you a rare music archive “Phleng Khlong” performed by the orchestra of Peang Lvea, and recorded by Jacques Brunet in 1967-1968.

The Phleng Khlong orchestra plays music for betrothals and weddings, and in a slightly modified form also takes part in magic ceremonies associated with healing and spirit-possession. In its usual formation, it includes one or two drums (Skor arakh), Tro Khmer, Pey ar, Chapey, and Sadeav. Phleng Khlong is played when the guests arrive. The motif is introduced by the Sadeav, which brings the whole ensemble into action.

Musical instruments and names of musicians:

Sadeav: Srey Yim, Tro Khmer: Keo Phuong, Pey ar: Siem Nhuong, Chapey: Yim Ya, Skor arakh: Kang Kuy

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