January 3, 2020

This early 2020, something new at the Bophana Center?

Of course, yes! We would like to invite you enjoying our numerous cultural events at our center and you will not be charged anything. Those include film screening every Saturday evening, Cine-Club (sharing experiences about film), Miguel Jerónimo’s photo exhibition “EDJAI”, film series screening: based on the stories in indigenous communities


October 31, 2019

In November and December 2019, any remarkable programs at Bophana?

Before the end of 2019, everyone is invited to enjoy many cultural events which will take place at the Bophana Center and around Phnom Penh. There are film screenings every Saturdays, technique sharing related to film (Cine-club), as well as three photo / image exhibitions. Free admission for all cultural events at Bophana. Click HERE […]


August 30, 2019

Enjoy special events in Bophana in September and October 2019

In September and October, we welcome you here to enjoy our cultural events as well as those of our partners. These events include Cine Saturday, Cine Club (sharing experiences about cinematography and documentaries), art exhibition, World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, and the 8th Chaktomuk Short Film Festival.


July 1, 2019

Enjoy the numerous cultural events in Bophana in mid-2019

Enjoy the new months with various cultural events that will take place at the Bophana Center. The program includes Cine Saturday, Cine-Club (Poetry and Image Interaction, Short Films), Photo Exhibitions, Lecture “The Evolutions of Khmer Scripts”, Symposium devoted to the cinema of Rithy Panh, and Kavich Neang’s Special Screening.


June 4, 2019

Announcement of restoration of the archive consultation space and screening time change of “Cine Saturday”

The Bophana Center would like to inform that the archive consultation space of our center has been functioning as usual after the database system was modified. For “Cine Saturday” screening program, we will change the screening time to 5pm from Saturday 8th June. Depending on the above mentioned, please be aware of the news and […]


May 11, 2019

Cultural events at Bophana Center for May and June 2019

Welcome everyone to the Bophana Center! You can join for free various cultural events that will take place in May and June, including: Cine-Saturday (documentaries and fiction films), Cine-Club (short films), Artwork, Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, Book Launching Party, and a special screening of the project “Amplifying Voice for Indigenous Women and Discriminated Groups.” Click […]


April 10, 2019

Announcement of suspension of the Bophana Center’s consultation space

The Bophana Center would like to inform that the consultation space of our center will be temporarily suspended until the end of May 2019 due to database system update. Particularly for the library, the exhibition space on the ground floor, and the screening are still working. We will notify you again when our database system […]


March 22, 2019

“Cine Saturday” Showtime Change Announcement

The Bophana Center would like to inform you that the weekly screening program “Cine Saturday” will change the showtime from 5pm to 6pm, due to electrical problems. Therefore, please be aware of the news and help spread it. Thank you.


March 1, 2019

Cultural events at Bophana Center for March and April 2019

Let’s enjoy numerous cultural events in these two months at the Bophana Center. Special programs include: Cine-Saturday (Fiction films and documentaries), Cine-Club (Artists’ films and short films), the 9th edition of Cambodia International Film Festival, Painting Exhibition: “Four Decades since the fall of the Khmer Rouge” of Sang Nan, and NyoNyum the 100th issue, Exhibition […]


February 1, 2019

Press Release: Inauguration of the “Documentary Filmmaking and Multimedia Training”

The documentary filmmaking and multimedia training of the project “Amplifying voice of Indigenous Women and discriminated groups through innovative multimedia” is initiated and organized by the Bophana Center (ARPAA) in partnership with the Cambodia Film Commission (CFC), and under the support of Voice Program (Oxfam Cambodia), and under the support of the Australian Embassy in […]