Graves Without a Name

Congratulations to Bophana Co-Founder Rithy Panh on the premiere of “Graves Without a Name,” his new documentary that will debut at the Venice Film Festival’s independent film competition, Venice Days! His entry will open the section, followed by ten others from across the world. We hope that Rithy’s brilliant new work will garner the prestigious Giornate degli Autori Award!

Bophana Center will be closed for 3 days

Bophana Center would like to announce that our center will be closed from Saturday, July 28th through Monday, July 30th​​​​​​ on the occasion of National Election in Cambodia. Consequently, Ciné Saturday will be canceled​ on this weekend. We will resume working on Tuesday, July 31st at 8 am. Thank you!

Help to Vote for App on Khmer Rouge History now

The Bophana Center is showcasing a project called “App-learning on Khmer Rouge History,” and we need your help to earn an award for it! Please click here to vote for our work.​​​​​ Tell your friends, followers and colleagues to vote for it!

Project’s main objectives and results:
Goal: To educate youth on Khmer Rouge history, using innovative multimedia application with history contents validated by experts, raising awareness about justice, human rights and peace, and fostering inter-generational dialogue. Three objectives are implemented:
1. To create a quality and innovative educational multimedia application on Khmer Rouge History.
2. To educate Cambodian youth on Khmer Rouge history using the application
3. To maximize the use of the learning application widely.

Thanks for your support.
Bophana Center Team

Bophana program of event is online!

Bophana Center is happy to come up with a bi-monthly program rich in cultural event includes two exhibitions “Leave no one behind – beneficiaries and implementers of IDPoor” is on going until July 20th and “Language Barrier” is from August 15th to September 20th, Cine Saturday, and Cine Club. All types of activities will be posted in Bophana website and Bophana Center facebook page.

Download the program here!