A new prize for documentary films at Cannes Festival 2015

This year, the Cannes Film Festival offers a new prize for documentary films, entitled “L’Oeil d’or” (means “golden eye” in French). The prize will shed a new light on the documentaries presented at the Festival, offering them more recognition and a better visibility. The prize will be awarded by juries presided over by Rithy Panh, Syrian producer Diane El Jeiroubli, Actrice Irène Jacob, Film maker Nicolas Philibert and Critic of Variety, Scott Foundas. The award will be presented on May 23, the day before the closing of the festival.


Learn the past – Create the Future

Co-produced by Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center and Cambodia Living Arts presented by Season of Cambodia

Throughout 2015, the Acts of Memory program will commemorate this day 40 years later; inviting public audiences and participants to reflect upon the damage of the Khmer Rouge period, while simultaneously encouraging explorations of identity, self-expression, and community collaboration. In particular, the program aims to engage young Cambodians on issues of memory through events and activities that seek to enhance historical understanding and to raise questions about how a society remembers to move past atrocity.