This is Chrong Krak, 54 years old, living in Phoa village, and his wife’s name is Men Chon. She is 43 years old and they have four children. In the past, the Ka Nor was a kind of trap for animals which was mostly made near the farm. It was woven and set up across the mountain. It was 6 cm in width and unlimited in length. This Ka Nor (trap) could support the daily life of the Brao minority besides hunting. While Ka Normaking, the smell of food such as garlic, lemon grass, and prahok (fermented fish paste) is banned. Moreover, we cannot bring food into the forest while trap-making and we have to put up a sign in front of our house, prohibiting outsiders to visit. Even if we are trap-makers, when we come home, before eating we have to organise a prayer ceremony too.


Mr. PEM PEAK, 19 years old, of the Brao indigenous people and Khmer nationality. He was born on 17 August 2002 in Phav village, Taveng Kroam commune, Taveng district in Ratanakiri province. Currently, He is a Grade 11A student, studying at Taveng High School. He live in Phav village.


He want to show this video production because He would like the next generation to know how Brao indigenous people lived in the past when they were almost completely dependent on hunting. Now the animals are running out, so almost no one makes this Ka Nor (trap) any more.