August 8, 2022

“Mirror” Dignity Art Exhibition

Baykork produced 12 art pieces in total, divided into 2 different key concepts. The first 6 pieces followed the concept of “light reflection drawings.” They use art as a tool to express feelings and emotions around gender-based violence. Light reflection drawings allow viewers to see two visions within one piece of artwork. The artist team used black drawings on white backgrounds for the main image, but when a lightbox behind the piece was lit, a second overlay image became visible, adding additional meaning to the action depicted. The other 6 art pieces were drawn in color on black backgrounds and illustrated themes of women’s empowerment artworks.

The artists’ objective in creating this artwork is to raise awareness of women’s issues and to reduce gender-based violence.  By reaching out to a wide range of audiences, including both the voiceless, youth, and mainstream groups, the artists advocated for positive changes in mindsets related to GBV.  The artist team feels that communicating through creative artwork is the most peaceful, attractive, and effective way.

The process of the exhibition:

  • Guiding the audience with introductory videos and presentations to let them get to know about Baykork team members, the VGE project, and the donors.
  • Explaining the concept of the overall artwork and the meaning of each specific piece.
  • Giving space for audience to enjoy their time interacting directly with artwork. Baykork members also stand nearby during the exhibition in order to give more explanation to audience members if they have questions related to the event and artwork.
  • Facilitate reflection discussions with the audience, seeking opinions and suggestions to use to improve the next exhibition.

During the restrictions on travel and meetings during the peak outbreak of COVID-19, Baykork also conducted an online exhibition to raise awareness of GBV and promote women’s empowerment. The artists were very resourceful and adapted to be able to conduct an exhibition by utilizing new technology to reach an audience virtually.

The next Mirror Exhibition will be in the fourth week of May in Ratanakiri Province. The schedule is subject to change.

Online exhibition link: